First Visit

Research indicates that a child’s first dental visit should be at age one! Studies have validated that children who visit dentist early for preventive checks have fewer cavities and positive experience at the Dentist throughout childhood and adolescence. ToothFairy is one of the best dental clinic in Hyderabad with an experienced dentist of providing high rated dental services.

What happens in the First Visit?

A thorough Dental examination, discussion of importance of home care, brushing and diet. Advice is given if children have special healthcare needs. All this is done in a fun and friendly manner with a healthy mix of videos and activities for kids in order for them to bond with the dental team and make their experience pleasant. (Studies indicate that an unpleasant first dental visit creates a lasting fear of the dentist).

What if I’m bringing my older child with dental problems for his first dental visit?

In case of having to visit us when there is a problem like cavities, we usually make the first visit “atraumatic” by performing a thorough check up and making a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Any procedures that are planned, are done in the subsequent appointments. Call us and discuss if you have any behavioral concerns or worry that if your child might not be able to cope with his appointment especially if he has had an unpleasant dental visit elsewhere.

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