How to Prepare Your Child to Visit the Dentist ? | Tooth Fairy

How to Prepare Your Child to Visit the Dentist ? | Tooth Fairy

Does your kid hide under the bed or stammer after hearing the word “dentist”? Or remember something important during that instance? If so; then there is a need to prepare your child for a dental visit by following these simple tips.

  • Start young

The earlier a child visits the dentist, the earlier his fear will vanish. Once your child has visited the dentist, he will experience that there is nothing to fear. However, you have to take him there first, and it can be done by preparing with minimal drama.

  • Make them aware simply

Tell them convincingly that the dentist might tickle their teeth while checking or cleaning them. Don’t make them familiar with the use of needles or drilling by the dentist as it will instill fear.

  • Consider a pretend visit

You can easily prepare your child in a friendly way just by playing games of “you” being a dentist and your child a “patient”. Just take a toothbrush, and begin counting their teeth one by one. Don’t make harsh sounds that might scare them, use positive words like clean, strong, and healthy teeth instead. Be nice so that they will feel no apprehension in visiting the dentist.

  • Prepare them a few days earlier

Begin preparing them for the visit a few days before the appointment. Many parents due to the lack of time make this mistake without understanding the after-effects of it on a child.

  • Children dentistry is different than yours

Some parents take their kids to the clinic during their appointment, and as a result, the child may get exposed to some of the painful processes performed in the clinic. Remember, children’s dentistry is different than adults, so don’t let your kids confuse it by making them accompany you for your appointments.

  • Prepare for some fuss

It is normal for a child to cry, whine or wiggle during the treatment. Don’t fret, and let the experts handle the situations because they have experience in working with children and handling their tantrums.

  • Never bribe

Experts do not recommend you promise your child something special for the sake of behaving nicely at the dentist. It only increases their fear. So, the better way would be to praise your child after a dental treatment instead.

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