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Pediatric Dental Specialists in Hyderabad

Pediatric Dental Specialists in Hyderabad

Children’s Dental Care&Orthodontics|Dentistry in Hyderabad

We take patient safety very seriously. Our sterilization laboratory is equipped with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration, USA) and CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention, USA) approved methods of Instrument Sterilization and Clinic Disinfection. Most of our dental instruments are disposable. Others go through a 5-step sterilization process to ensure your safety.The vast experience in dealing with Children has made Dr. Tejas Melkote the best Pediatric dental specialist in Hyderabad.

Periodic safety audits and sterilization monitoring ensures effective instrument sterilization and clinic disinfection for your safety. Ask us about it and we will be happy to show you what we do!

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