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Welcome to Tooth Fairy – Children’s Dental Clinic

Best Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad, Best Pediatric Dentist near Me

Best Pediatric Dentist in Hyderabad

Best Pediatric Dentist near Me

Best Pediatric Dentist, Dental Clinic in Hyderabad-Tooth Fairy

ToothFairy is Founded in 2010, the first exclusive children’s Dental clinic in Hyderabad. Tooth Fairy is aimed at providing state-of-the-art Dental Healthcare facility for maternal, child-dental healthcare and people with Special Healthcare Needs. Tooth Fairy is an Award-winning Dental Facility for Children – winning the awards for –

The clinic is based on the principles of Tender Loving Care; with well trained staff who manage children with zeal and passion. The clinic is equipped children-friendly setup and technology to deal with their special healthcare needs.



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Daily Tips

Proper Brushing : One of the easiest steps to do to help your teeth keep clean. When brushing your teeth, position the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees …
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About our Clinic

Tooth Fairy – Exclusive Dental Care for Your Child & You is a Specialized Dental Care Center dedicated to Dental Healthcare delivery for ‘Your Child & You’.

Tooth Fairy is the first exclusive Dental Care Center for Children in the twin cities. Founded by Dr. Tejas Melkote, who has been working with children since 2004, Tooth Fairy is aimed at providing a state-of-the-art Dental Healthcare facility for maternal and child dental healthcare; and people with Special Healthcare Needs. Filling a void that existed in the healthcare scenario of Hyderabad, Tooth Fairy is an Award-winning Dental Facility for Children.


About Us


Dr.Tejas Melkote, MDS
15 years experience

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Tooth Fairy – Exclusive Dental Care for Your Child & You is a Specialized Dental Care Center dedicated to Dental Healthcare delivery for ‘Your Child & You’.

What Our Patients Say


Talat Fatima

We always had an excellent experience at Tooth Fairy. Dr.Tejas is very patient, kind, caring , engages well with kids and makes the whole experience very pleasant and easy. Would definitely recommend to all mommies who are looking for a great paediatric dentist in Hyderabad.


pramod lamba

I have always approached Dr Tejas for all tooth related issues for my Son.The experience always has been very good and would always recommend the doctor.Thanks to the doctor for suggesting stem cell storage as well for my Son's milk tooth!


Suresh Gurusamy

Dr Tejas Melkote will make the child feel comfortable and relaxed. Follow ups are quite good. My son enjoy his dental visits, without any second thoughts I would recommend him.


Bhavani Seethamraju

My Son is 6 years old he Got decays in his teeth. Dr.Tejas was very friendly and the treatment was excellent. First time i am satisfied with the result .


Shazma Reddy

Very good. Clean. My kids was very comfortable with Dr Tejas. He explains the process to the kids so they are prepared mentally for the procedure. Involves them in whole procedure. They like to visit him. Thankyou for taking care of their teeth.


Emran Shaik

This is an awesome clinic. One specific thing that i find unique in this clinic is the empathy with which Dr. Tejas treats the little kids. In addition to giving honest and best-in-class dental treatment, the caring attitude of the doctor makes this clinic very special. May God bless this clinic and help Dr. Tejas scale new heights in providing excellent dental care in the years to come.


Nalinkanth D

It is really a great experience at tooth fairy dental clinic. I am sure it is Dr. Tejas friendly and kind behaviour with kids that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. He is very caring And they don’t get annoyed while getting treated.


Yuka Shori

" This is the happiest dental clinic I've ever experienced. My two daughters are really happy with Tooth Fairy dental clinic. We appreciate Dr. Tejas always pays a lot of attention and time with a great patience. Surprisingly, even my 3 year daughter enjoys the treatment and follows his instruction without crying because Dr. Tejas always entertains them. They never says "No" when they go to Tooth Fairy.


A Google user .

kids loved being here and have learned a lot about their teeth... very nice environment and friendly staff.


A Google user

My nephew got his tooth pulled out. He was nervous when he walked in. but he never realized when the procedure was over. He enjoyed being here with a child-friendly dentists. Helpful?


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