Do Children Need Teeth Cleaning? | Tooth Fairy

Do Children Need Teeth Cleaning? | Tooth Fairy

Teeth cleaning or scaling is the process of removing the hard deposits in teeth called Dental Calculus or Tartar.

Tartar is the calcified bacterial deposits on teeth that cause progressive gum and bone damage over time. It is a painless condition and often doesn’t show any symptoms other than occasional bleeding during brushing.
Stains – milk teeth get stained from the use of Iron & Zinc syrups, chromogenic foods such as Pomegranates and citrus fruit. In adults, greenish-brown staining on teeth is also caused by the consumption of green tea.

Myths about Scaling

1. Scaling removes Enamel – scaling is done using an ultrasonic instrument. The tip of the instrument vibrates at a high frequency. When this tip is gently touched to the teeth, the deposits stuck on the tooth are loosened. The water spray washes the loose deposits away.

2. Frequent scaling causes sensitivity – while it is recommended that scaling be done once in six months, there is no evidence of sensitivity if it is done right.

3. Scaling should not be done in children – scaling is usually not required in all children. A few children show marked Tartar deposits due to the salivary nature, body chemistry, and the pH of water consumed. Leaving these deposits behind can cause long-term damage to gums and bones. Therefore Scaling can be a beneficial procedure in such children.

4. Scaling is painful – Scaling instrument makes noise which causes anxiety in most people (adults included). Anxiety, in turn, can be perceived as ‘pain’ or ‘sensitivity”. A trained Pediatric Dentist can perform the procedure painlessly while counseling the child to keep the anxiety away.

With regular checkups, most dental diseases can be prevented. Get your children for preventative maintenance every 6 months!

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